SuJu Daebak!!

SuJu Daebak!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hanchul's Pet

shampagne and heebum

Shampagne and Han Jay Hee Bum : Heechul’s pretty cats


Rider : Hangeng's wolfdog


Rongrong : Hangeng's Wolfdog


Question and Answer

Who is known as Pink Prince??
>> Sungmin
Which didn't participate in Dream Team featuring Super Junior(except Kangin Hankyung and Kibum)?
>> Eunhyuk
What is the name of Kyuhyun sister??
>> Cho Ahra
Who visited to Paris last year as private vacation??
>> Eunhyuk
Who visited to Japan last year as private vacation??

>> Kyuhyun
Who are known as lead dancer in Super Junior??
>> Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae and Hangeng
Who loves black coffee and jazz??
>> Siwon
Who has the most noona(older women) fans??
>> Sungmin
Which 5 member are printed on China stamp??
>> Hangeng, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae and Kyuhyun
Which member has cat??
>> Sungmin and Heechul
Who has a dog called Choco??
>> Eunhyuk

Source : Stop Hating Super Junior page in Facebook

Final Sale and Final Award

Time flies, and Bonamana has already been out for a month. Super Junior’s 3rd album is very popular in every corner in Asia, and we can still feel the heat of Sorry Sorry. However, what is in front of us is the 4th album Bonamana,and sadly to say,that’s very probably our last album.

We should not stick in the success of Sorry Sorry, and we should not stick in 200,000 pre-order of Bonamana. We still have a lot more to do.
We think the title song Bonamana is great and catchy, but does anyone know how the Koreans respond to this new song?
In fact, their position in Korea is not high, and SM does not really want to promote the group.From the low-cost MV, we can see how the company thinks about the group.
The result of SJ is all their effort.

And how about the result of the 4th album? We won MB(Music Bank) for 3 weeks continuously, and everytime it depended on Album Sales. When our album sales were high, the total score was high. And when the sales fell, the total score dropped immediately. Last week we were in the 4th place, this week we were in the 5th. This is the 4th Album that we have been longing for, do you just want to end it now??

And Album Sales took a major part for the winning groups of these two weeks.

Although Digital Scores make up a greater portion, it is not easy to boost it up right away. Moreover, as overseas ELFs, we cannot listen through Melon and Bugs, so we basically can help nothing.

Korean ELF suggestion: to help SJ get back the 1st place, the quickest and best way will be boosting the album sales.

Lets look at our Album Sales data from Hanteo:
Week 1(5/13——5/16):A ver.-62270,B ver.-not released (MB Album score12145)
Week 2(5/17——5/23):A ver.-41204,B ver.-28417 (MB Album score10387)
Week 3(5/24——5/30):A ver.-6286,B ver.-11053 (MB Album score5505)
Week 4(5/31——6/6):A ver.-4603,B ver.-3603 (MB Album score2394)
Week 5(6/7——6/13):A ver.-2811,B ver.-836 (MB Album score1917)
Week 6(6/14——6/20):A ver.-687,B ver.-620(until 18/6)

See our sales record? Do you think we can win again?

Do you think we can get 13 champions as EunHyuk has said in Twitter?
Getting 13 champions has always been SJ members’ dream, and we missed that for the 3rd album. Will they still have the chance to get 13 champions? Probably this is the last chance. From the 13-member group to the 12-member Sorry Sorry, from the 12-member SS2 to the 11-member SS2, and now is the 10-member 4th album and SS3. We have gone through so much, and do we still don’t know what is in front of us?

HeeChul is happy to see lots of ELF cheering for them in live shows and they received lots of presents from ELF , but he said in Young Street, “I don’t need any cheering and present, but I want to see the sales of the 4th album reaching 500,000.”
Can you see it? SJ’s expectation, SJ’s effort for Bonamana. HeeChul’s leg is not that well because of the accident in 2006. He appeared in the last part of Sorry Sorry for 4 seconds only because he couldn’t dance violently, but for Bonamana, he danced for the whole song. And KyuHyun, who was never considered as a dancer, is one of the main dancers of Bonamana. Please remember that he had a serious car accident three years ago, and almost lost his life. During Bonamana’s practice, he had also hurt his leg. And our leader LeeTeuk, while having a very packed schedule, he is practicing for Bonamana every day. These causes his waist hurting again and again, and unable to sit well.

Our old members LeeTeuk and HeeChul both said in the Fan Meeting that they have already reached the age to get into the army, and the end of next year will be the latest time.
Please don’t expect SJ still can be on the stage without some members.Kangin is going to join the army in July and be back 2 yrs later.Then the other members in and out for 2 yrs and 2 yrs alternatively.How many 2 yrs we have to wait for the next album?Also,without core members,SJ will not be as popular as now.We can only expect the 4th album is our most brilliant era.Reality is reality.

That’s why they put everything on the 4th album, hoping that we can go through it, and then we may still be able to see SJ on stage. If the 4th is not going to succeed, the chance to see them again is very small.Leeteuk said in Strong Heart:”Nothing lasts forever.”
Why do they have to work so hard? All because they want SJ to continue.Do you share the same thought with them?

The music score of Bonamana is not ideal. During Sorry Sorry period, even though we didn’t win, we were the 1st runner-up. But how about now? We are at the 5th place, and next week, we could rank even lower.

Are we going to let SJ stop here? No!
Their new song is coming soon, Music Bank and Inkigayo will count the sales of version C.We cannot help with Digital scores, so we should help with album sales. However, since Golden Disk only counts Version A, so when you bulk order version C, it will be great if you can buy version A again, as many as possible for both versions.They are equally important!

Korean and Chinese ELFs are already organizing the 2nd bulk order of Version A.Then before the year-end awards,they will organize the bulk order of Version A again.

We are not in advantage since the very strong group Big Bang is going to comeback soon,and there is a half more year to go, that means our ranking in the yearly chart can change easily.
For the sake of winning in the year-end awards, I wish foreign ELF can buy version A once more directly from Korea when you buy version C,so we can increase the sales difference between us and the 2nd position on the 2010 album sales chart.You are part of the ELF family,right?

You should not buy from your own country because that will not be counted.The chart is based on the sales at Korean domestics CD stores.Only those albums purchased from Korean local stores will be counted.

Also,The chart only reflects the sales of Korean Version albums.Taiwanese version, Japanese version, Hong Kong version, Pirated version, they are all not counted.

If you can, please try not to buy version C during the first week when it is released, but the next few weeks, so that the number of sales can be spreaded, and the music scores can be high for few more weeks.

Please make all your effort to let SJ win in all Korean music ceremonies.At least they can leave with victory. If this is going to be the last album,why not make it the best one and end it with the love of all ELF?Why not make sure there’s no any regret.

Please fight together and tell everyone that ELFs are the strongest fans in the world.

Please share this note by yourself and spread it wherever you go.
I hope you can pose this on your wall,your groups and pages,or your blogs and twitter.
If you know who can organize the bulk order,please let me know so that i can help to promote.
Thanks for your effort!

Please love them more……..
Always being happy on stage? Behind the camera, SJ is teary:
What you see isn’t true – SJ isn’t a happy group:
Not every fans can be called as ELF:

Credits: LaiLai
Translated by: Clarice Fung

Support Them!!!

In fact, Bonamana in Korea is not very high. The result of Super Junior is all their effort. And how about the result of the 4th Album??? We won Music Bank for 3 weeks continuously which depended on album sales. Last week we're in the 4th place. This week we're in the 5th place. This is the 4th Album that we have been longing for, do you just want to end it now??

Credit : Prom15e to 13elive in facebook

My words to you : Come on guys, let's bring them into 1st place. Go to soribada now and do trial listen as much as you can. Don't make them disappointed. We must break the 5 years curse.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Super Junior M Will Not Attend Golden Melody Awards

After feeling grateful for being nominated as the “Best Group” in Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, Super Junior -M now feels sorry to not attend the prestigious event to be held on June 26th.

This is since the group’s four members are busy promoting Super Junior’s latest album, Bonamana, which will be released in Taiwan on the 18th. The group’s nomination for this year’s Taiwanese ‘Grammys’ was based on their mini-album, Super Girl.

Moreover, Siwon shared, “Being able to be nominated in Golden Melody Awards, such a well-known music ceremony in the Chinese area, we felt really honored.” He also added that they have always been guests of the GMA but never thought that they would be nominated. Siwon also hoped for everyone to silently anticipate for Super Junior-M’s comeback.

For two years, Korean members of Super Junior-M worked harder to learn Mandarin but still received criticisms with their pronunciation and were even questioned for being nominated for the award. However, for the group, the nomination helped increase their confidence level. It also encouraged them to work even harder to expand their reach in the Mandarin music scene.

Why don’t we shout out our congratulations to these young lads for receiving such an honor? Cheers!

source and credits :

Project for Ryewook's Birthday

2 days to go for Wookie's birthday. i wanna make a movie with pic of ELF. if you want to join me, please e-mail your pic to me.

hope many can support me. kamsahamnida

Heechul and Hongki go on 3D Movie Date

Heechul has updated his twitter with he and Lee Hongki from FT. Island wearing 3D spectacles. With the photo, he also said "Good! It's been a long time since technology event at Daejon Expo? Am I right; while daydreaming about my childhood there was an explosion in the movie gogo~keke

Super Show 3

Super Show 3 Promotion Poster

Super Show 3 Stage

The listed of the cities that Super Junior will visited will be announced on June 21, 2010. Hopefully that Malaysia will be one of them.

Biography of Sungmin

Korean Name : Lee Sung-Min
Date of Birth : January 1, 1986
Place of Birth : IIlsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi, Korea
Family Members : Mother, Father and Younger Brother
Zodiac : Capricorn
Blood Type : A
Height : 175CM
Weight : 57KG
Religion : Christian
Hobby : Watching Movie
Specialty : Singing, Acting, Chinese Kungfu and Musical Instrument
Favorite Colour : White, Black, Yellow and Pink
Favorite Food : All
Type of Favorite Movie : Pailan
Motto : With the progress! Hard! Never give up!
Debut Experience : 2001 SM 1st Best Selection of General Assembly Youth Championship Appearance

Trivia :
* He is anemic
* He said Super Junior is like "theme park"
* He does martial art
* His nickname is rabbit
* He says his cuteness is natural
* He very precious when he cook
* He was going to change his wardrobe once but there is too much pink so he decided not to
* He want his noona fan to call him oppa if it will make them comfortable
* The other member of SuJu think he is the best candidate to caught cheating to his girlfriend
* He is in subgroup Super Junior T and Super Junior H

Biography of Shindong

Real Name : Shin Dong-Hee
Korean Name: ShinDong
Date of Birth : September 28, 1985
Place of Birth : Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang, Korea
Family Members : Mother and Father
Zodiac : Libra
Blood Type : O
Height : 178CM
Weight : 90KG
Hobby : Dancing
Specialty : Face Acting, Dancing and Comedian
Favorite Colour : Purple
Motto : Self-undersatnding
Debut Experience : 2005 The 9th SM BEST Dance Competition and the Grand Championship Qualifying
Movie : 2007 : Attack on The Pin-up Boys
MV : 2007 : Flight Girl - Magolpy
2008 : Forever - Lee Bul

Trivia :
* He is responsible for most of Super Junior's choreography
* He want a sport car
* He cannot swim at all
* He cannot do a handstand
* He has a tattoo of clown read "A friend in need is a friend indeed

Biography of Kangin

Real Name : Kim YIng-Eoon
Korean Name : KangIn
Date of Birth : January 10, 1985
Place of Birth : Seoul
Family Members : Mother and Father
Zodiac : Capricorn
Blood Type : O
Height : 180CM
Weight : 70KG
Hobby : Swimming and Listening to Muusic
Specialty : Music, Sports (Martial Art) and Acting
Interested about KangIn : Eyes
Favorite Colour : White
Favorite Food : All
Favorite Movie : A Perfect World
Motto : Be in a perfect state of readiness at all times
Debut Experience : 2002 4th SM BEST Appearance
Movie : 2007 : Attack on The Pin-up Boys
2008 : Hello School Girl
Drama : 2002 : A Man and A Woman
2006 : Rainbow Romance
2007 : Billie Jean
Look At Me
2009 : Romance Zero

Trivia :
* Anya (Super Junior Full House) give racoon as his nickname
* He called himself as Korea #1 Handsome Guy
* During high school, he got love confession from a guy
* Kangin has a tattoo. It supposed to be read "Actions are more precious than words". But when it done, it has been "Actions are more prection than words"
* He will enter the army in July 5, 2010
* Kangin like natural beauty, thus he likes girls with nice legs because legs cannot have plastic surgery on them

Kangin Will Join the Army in July 5th

The date has been set and Kangin will enter the army in the July 5, 2010. He will fulfill his military service as Korean man.

He will entering the military training base located in Chongnam Nonsan as an active duty service.

He will come back after two years. Although it was a long time but I believe that we can waiting for him to come back.

Biography of Yesung

Real Name : Kim Jong-Woon
Korean Name : Yesung (means Art of Voice)
Date of Birth : August 24, 1984
Place of Birth : Cheonan, South Chungcheong, Korea
Family Members : Mother, Father and Younger Brother
Religion : Christian
Zodiac : Virgo
Blood Type : AB
Height : 178CM
Weight : 64KG
Academic : Sunmoon University
Hobby : Singing and Listening to Music
Specialty : Singing
Interesting about Yesung : Sparkling Eyes
Favorite Colour : White, Black and Red
Favorite Food : Fried Kimchi
Favorite Movie : My Little Bride
Motto : Love Everything In The World
Movie : 2007 : Attack on The Pin-up Boys

Trivia :
* He afraid of ghost
* He has short finger
* He would like to go to Canada
* He has three turtles as his pet
* His first love was in the 2nd year of high school
* His first kiss was in the 2nd year of high school
* His favorite season is Autumn
* He is in subgroup Super Junior Happy and Super Junior K.R.Y.
* His mom is the one who sent his application to SM Entertainment

Super Junior K.R.Y.

Members :

1. Kyuhyun
2. Ryeowook
3. Yesung

1. Dreamy Hero (Partner OST.)
2. Forget Me Now
3. Georeumeul Meomchugo
4. Just You
5. Mallatjyo
6. Miwodo Dashi Hanbon
7. Only Love
8. Sorry Sorry R&B remix
9. Stop Walking By (Snowflower OST)
10. The Night Chicago Died
11. The One I Love (Han Saramanue)
12. One Love (Feat. Eunhyuk)

Super Junior T

Members :

1. Leeteuk
2. Heechul
3. Sungmin
4. Shindong
5. Eunhyuk
6. Kangin

Rock On (1st Single)

1. Rock On!!! (Rokuko)
2. The First Train
3. No One Like Me
4. Rock On!!! (Rokuko) (Inst.)
5. The First Train (Inst.)
6. No One Like Me (Inst.)

Super Junior M

Members :

1. Hangeng
2. Siwon
3. Donghae
4. Kyuhyun
5. Ryeowook
6. Henry
7. Zhoumi

Me :

1. Charm (Me)
2. U (remake of "U")
3. At Least There's Still You (remake of "At Least There's Still You")
4. You Are My Miracle (Miracle) (remake of "Miracle")
5. Love You Love You (Love Song)
6. I Hug Myself (In my Arms)
7. Don't Don (remake of Don't Don)
8. Marry U (remake of "Marry U")
9. Full of Happiness (remake of "Full of Happiness")
10. A Man In Love (remake of A Man In Love)
11. This Second (The Moment)
12. The One
13. Me (KOREAN VER.)--(Korea bonus track)
14. Because Of You (At Least There's Still You KOREAN VER.)--(Korea bonus track)
15. Ainiaini ("Love Song" KOREAN VER.) --(Korea bonus track)

Super Girl :

1. Super Girl
2. Blue Tomorrow
3. Confession
4. Only You
5. You and Me
6. Super Girl (Korea Ver.)
7. Blue Tomorrow (Korea Ver.)

Super Junior Happy

Members :
1. Leeteuk
2. Yesung
3. Kangin
4. Shindong
5. Sungmin
6. Eunhyuk

Cooking Cooking - The First Mini Album

1. Cooking, Cooking
2. Pajama Party
3. You and I
4. Sunny
5. Good Luck!!

4th Album - Super Junior - Bonamana

1. 미인아 (BONAMANA)
2. 나쁜여자 (Boom Boom)
3. 응결 (Coagulation)
4. 나란 사람 (Your Eyes)
5. My Only Girl
6. 사랑이 이렇게 (My All Is In You)
7. Shake It Up!
8. 잠들고 싶어 (In My Dream)
9. 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
10. 좋은사람 (Good Person)
11. Here We Go

3rd Album - Super Junior - Vol. 3 Sorry Sorry

1. Sorry, Sorry
2. Why I Like You
3. Let's Not....
4. Angela
5. Reset
6. Monster
7. What If
8. Heartquake
9. Club No.1
10. Happy Together
11. Dead At Heart
12. Shining Star

[REPACKAGED], there're adding songs:
1. Sorry, sorry (Remix R&B Version)
2. Sorry, sorry answer
3. It's you

2nd Album - Super Junior - Don't Don (Repackage)

1. Don't Don
2. Sapphire Blue
3. You're My Endless Love
4. Marry U (New Version)
5. A Man In Love (Original Ver.)
6. Disco Drive
7. Hate U, Love U
8. I Am
9. She's Gone
10. The Girl Is Mine
11. Mirror
12. Our Love
13. Missin U
14. Midnight Fantasy
15. Thank You
16. A Man In Love (Remix Ver.)
17. Song For You (Bounus Track)

First Album - Super Junior - Super Junior 05

1. Miracle
2. Twins (Knock Out)
3. You're The One
4. Rock This House
5. Way For Love
6. So I
7. Over
8. Keep In Touch
9. L.O.V.E
10. Believe
11. Twins (Knock Out) Inst.

Biography of Hangeng

Korean Name : Han-Kyung
Date of Birth : February 9, 1984
Place of Birth : Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China
Family Members : Mother and Father
Zodiac : Aquarius
Blood Type : B
Height : 181CM
Weight : 61KG
Academic : Minzu University of China (MUC)
Hobby : Swimming, Listening to Music, Computer Games
Interesting about Hangeng : Eyes
Specialty : Chinese Folk Dance, Ballet and Wushu
Favorite Colour : Black
Favorite Food : Hunan Cuisine
Type of Favorite Movie : Horror
Motto : Keep Improving Every Day
Debut Experience : 2001 "H.O.T. in China" Beijing Competition
Movie : 2007 : Attack on The Pin-up Boys
Drama : 2006 : Rainbow Romance
2009 : Stage of Youth
MV : 2006 : Timeless - Zhang Liyin
2008 : I will - Zhang Liyin
The Left Shore of Happiness - Zhang Liyin
Beijing Welcomes You - Various Artists (100-day countdown for 2008 Beijing Olympics)

Trivia :
* He is the only Chinese member
* His idol is Andy Lau
* He always carry Chinese-Korean Dictionary
* He didn't know anything about Korea when he arrives there
* He bought his parent dumpling restaurant
* He considered his parent and other SuJu members as the most important people to him
* He cooks for the other members
* Once when Hangeng went to a Shen Zhen, he was arrested for not having a permit. So he stay in the jail until his friend came and bought his permit
* He spent about 20 hours a day training his dancing when he first moved to Korea

Biography of Heechul

Korean Name : Kim Hee-Chul
Date of Birth : July 10, 1983
Place of Birth : Gangwon Hoengseong, Korea
Family Members : Mother, Father and Sister
Zodiac : Cancer
Blood Type : AB
Height : 179CM
Weight : 60KG
Hobby : Writing Poetry, Fairy Tales, Reading Comic, Computer Games, Internet and the Costumes Minihompy
Interesting About Heechul : Feeling and his Image
Favorite Colour : Red, Pink and Black
Favorite Food : Korean Cuisine and Fried Rice
Type of Favorite Movie : Horror and Comedy
Motto : You Are You, I Am I
Debut Experience : 2002 Starlight Casting System Casting Competition
TV Dramas and Movies : 2005 : Loveholic
Sharp 2
2006 : Bad Family
2005 - 2006 : Rainbow Romance
2008 : Golden Bride
Good Daddy
Attack on the Pin-up Boys
2009 : TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun
I Love You Ten Million Times

Trivia :
* He called himself 'Cinderella'
* He always ask other members to do things for him
* Have four cats
* His favorite music is sad song. He even dance to this type of song
* When asked bout his ideal type, he answered "Trying to find a woman who is your type is quite ridiculous. The person you truly like is your ideal type. I didn't realize that
* Heechul got his first kiss from his ex-girlfriend before debut
* He didn't scare to kiss guys
* He can not seem to be drunk although he want it
* Heechul's first drinking alcohol is in junior high
* He does not like the fact that he is growing up
* He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be looking at him
* He wants two kids
* He is a very deep and sensitive person
* He believes that no one should smoke
* He does not pay his cellphone, it goes to his parents
* Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he is kid
* He is in subgroup Super Junior T
* His best friend is Lee Hong Ki from FT. Island
* Has a driver license
* He named his own fans as petals
* He is funny person

Biography of Leeteuk

Real Name : 박정수 Park Jung-Soo
Korean Name : 이특 Leeteuk(means special guy)
Date of Birth : July 1, 1983
Place of Birth : Yeonsinnae, Seoul Korea
Family Members : Mother, Father and Sister
Zodiac : Cancer
Blood Type : A
Height : 178CM
Weight : 59KG
Academic : ChungWoon University
Hobby : Piano, Composing Song, Singing and Listening to Music
Interesting About Leeteuk : Cute Dimple Smile
Favorite Colour : Blue, Red, White and Black
Favorite Food : Sushi
Type of Favorite Movie : All
Girl He Want : Beautiful, Cute, Active, Smart and Occasionally Shamelessly
Motto : Every Moment Must Be The Best
Debut Experience : 2000 SM Starlight Casting System Competition
Hosting Programmes : 2008 : Mnet M! Countdown 2008
Leeteuk's Love Fighter
Comedy TV Unbelievable Outing Season 3
MBC Idol Show Season 1
Mnet Bachelor While on a Date
2009 : KBS Challenge Golden Ladder
SBS Miracle
MBC King of The Ring
SBS Oh! Brothers

Trivia :
* Leader in Super Junior
* Oldest member
* Call himself 'Angel Without Wing' or 'Angel Teukie'
* Heechul give him Peter Pan as his nickname because he is an angel and Peter Pan flies
* In subgroup Super Junior H and Super Junior T
* He has a poster of Wonder Girls on the windows in his room
* Involves in a car accident in 2007 with Kyuhyun, Shindong and Eunhyuk
* Was a pepsi model
* Has a driving license
* Was going to be in 5 members boy band group with SuJu member, Donghae but the idea was dropped
* Got lasik eye surgery before debut (2005) but still wears glasses for fashions